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The delightful tale of a young ostrich who exaggerates her adventures to a point of total disbelief. Lessons are learned when a wild adventure comes true, and no one believes her. Ages 5-9


Buttermilk is frightened by the creatures that live within shadows deep. With the help of her father she tames them one and all in the light of day when shadows go to sleep. A wonderful bedtime story about being afraid of the dark. Ages 5-9


Creole is a unique creature that lives alone in the swamp. She lives alone because the other creatures that live there are frightened by her looks. Looks can be deceiving and so can judging a book by its cover. Ages 5-9


Fanny, the cat, has but three legs on which she manages just fine. She is normal as normal can be. Sadly the other animals on the Serendipity Farm won’t befriend her because they are afraid she will feel uncomfortable; after all she has but three legs. A little dog named Ruby learns that handicap is but a state of mind. Ages 5-9


A tiny winged horse called Flutterby flies about the island of Serendipity trying to discover her special purpose in life. Through a series of magical misadventures she discovers she is most special just being who she is. ages 5-9

Leo The Lop

Leo is a lop-eared rabbit whose ears went down not up. The other normal rabbits laughed and laughed until they discovered that down was normal and up was not. A classic Serendipity story about the meaning of normal. Ages 5-9

Morgan & Me

A magical story of a little princess who wants and needs to do everything “…just a little bit later.” Everything is put off until later – until later she meets Morgan, the unicorn. Wonderful lesson learned by children of all ages. Ages 5-9

Muffin Dragon

A fire-breathing dragon loves munching muffins more than anything in the world, hence his name, the Muffin Dragon. A delightful story about simple economics as it relates to this dragon and the kindly but poor folk that live in a run-down castle in the woods. Ages 5-9

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