The skill, the art of literacy, is a gift. To read is to watch as a single word explodes into a confetti of images. Truly of the gifts given to man, reading is most sacred, for from words come dreams, and from dreams come better tomorrows.

– Stephen Cosgrove

BookPop™ Media Group is dedicated to the teaching of values to children of all ages in a user-rich reading environment. Over the past decade or so, children have been tempted away from the magic of a traditional reading experience by a wave of Internet and computer gaming experiences that are delightfully addictive, but all of which fail to teach nor encourage children to envision.

Stephen Cosgrove writes, “Truly, of all the gifts given to man, reading is most sacred.  For from words come dreams and from dreams come better tomorrows.”

In 1981, while working as a children’s content consultant for a major software development company, Stephen proposed the concept of BookPop, an electronic book that engaged children of all ages in a reading experience enhanced by unique technologies. After Stephen’s presentation the CEO of the company quipped, “Well, that’s a great concept but in order to facilitate this vision of yours, we would need a computer the size of two-story house.” The others at the conference broke into gales of laughter as they dutifully moved on.  Stephen, in the meantime, carefully stored his vision for BookPop for the future – a future which is now.