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Buttermilk is frightened by creatures that live within the shadows deep. With the help of her father, she takes them on, one and all, by the light of day when the shadows go to sleep.

Creolé has a heart of gold, but she can’t make friends because she is big and scary. With the help of a little alligator she shows the other Serendipity swamp creatures who she really is.

A lovable bunny named Leo the Lop has long ears that hang down instead of up. He just wants to look like everyone else, but what is normal? Leo’s quest to find out leads him on a hilarious adventure with his fellow bunnies and woodland creatures in the land of Serendipity.

A magical story of a little princess who always wants to be there for her friends—but “just a little bit later.” When Morgan, the unicorn, shows her how that feels, the princess comes to realize how she poorly she has treated her beloved friend.

A dragon is eating all of the muffins the villagers of Castle Crumb can bake, leaving them with nothing to sell. The villagers have to scramble to find ingredients to keep the dragon happy.

A small, winged horse named Flutterby leads a flock of Serendipity butterflies to winter safety. When a rumor scatters the butterflies in a flurry of panic, Flutterby must work quickly to figure out the source of the misinformation and bring a sense of calm back to the flock.

As she spins her cocoon on the branches of the Dream Tree, Patti Caterpillar is curious about what life will be as a beautiful Serendipity butterfly. But, all they will tell her is, “Someday you will know, Patti. Someday, you will know!”

The princess has plenty of things to do and little time to share with her best friend, Morgan, the unicorn. But while she is focusing on other things, her beloved companion slips away and is nowhere to be found.

Raz-Ma-Taz loves to be the center of attention, even if it means doing dangerous things. This time, he has gotten himself into trouble and is getting noticed for all the wrong reasons.

Yew wants a beautiful horn just like his friend, Morgan, the unicorn. When the little sheep wishes on the Morning Star for that dream to come true, he changes Morgan’s destiny as well as his own.

A little pony named Mumkin loves the lush Middling Meadow of Serendipity so much that he wants it all to himself. When he tries to put up boundaries, he finds that it isn’t so nice to live in a world full of obstacles.

An impatient little princess yearns to catch Morgan, a beautiful unicorn, in the Land of Later. Following the advice of her father, she instead must figure out ways to slowly build trust and become friends with the magical creature.

Pompous Posh, a llama resident of the majestic mountains of Machew Peeshoo, spends his life searching for a creature who is his equal or better. He meets his match with Posh, but the two don’t exactly see eye to eye.  

A young horse’s curiosity leads him into peril and a new existence. Although Morgan’s life will never be the same, he embarks on a new and exciting adventure on his own without the safety and protection of his mother.

When a young bunny named Buttermilk meets the Squabbles family, she discovers that something is terribly wrong. She has to decide whether to respect their privacy or find the courage to take some action.

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