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Pigmental Studios acquires the rights to cherished “Serendipity” children’s book series

In a landmark deal for children’s literature, Pigmental Studios has announced its acquisition of the beloved “Serendipity” book series, which has captured the hearts and imaginations of generations of children across the globe. The series, penned by Stephen Cosgrove and illustrated by Robin James, has sold over 80 million copies worldwide, making it a treasured addition to Pigmental’s fast-growing portfolio.

Marina Martins, CEO and Creative Director of Pigmental, expressed excitement about the acquisition and outlined the studio's vision for the cherished books. "We are honored to be entrusted with bringing these beloved books to new generations of young people," said Martins. "Pigmental Publishing, through its BookPop imprint, will be re-mastering the illustrations by Robin James, to showcase the vibrancy, and re-publishing the entire collection over the next two years. Our TV and film division, Pigmental Studios, will be developing several of the titles into their own animated series."

The “Serendipity” books are renowned for their endearing animal characters and life-affirming messages. Since their inception, these stories have helped young readers navigate complex themes such as fairness, sharing, and personal growth, against the backdrop of beautifully rendered, imaginative worlds. 

Cosgrove, when asked what drove his decision to work with Pigmental, said, “I have spent a lifetime wondering the publishing wasteland in search of Serendipity, only to discover that you cannot seek that which cannot be sought. It was with this realization that ultimately Serendipity found me in the delightful guise of Pigmental Studios. It is and was with a great sigh of relief that I have now nested my creations where they belong.”

This strategic move by Pigmental Studios will preserve and extend the 50-year legacy of the “Serendipity” series and will simultaneously introduce these heartwarming tales to a modern audience, once again affirming the timelessness of their messages. Heartfelt letters to the author, from readers all over the world, have expressed the lasting impact of the values in their current lives.

Cosgrove’s inspired storytelling, combined with James’s enchanting illustrations, has created memorable stories within a safe space where children can explore, understand and confidently navigate the world around them. Reintroducing these adventures through contemporary mediums secures their place in the collective memory for past, current and future generations to come.

The deal underscores Pigmental’s commitment to quality storytelling and its belief in the power of literature to nurture broad societal values in curious minds. While the financial terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed, the anticipated remastered book series and resulting animation projects speak to the company’s significant investment in children’s entertainment and education.

Further information about the release dates for the remastered series and the animated adaptations will be forthcoming from the website. Fans old and new can look forward to experiencing the “Serendipity” universe in a vibrant new light.

Cosgrove will be available for interviews at the Unicorn Festival on Saturday, June 5 and Sunday, June 6 at Clement Park in Littleton, Colorado, where he will read a story and sign books. For information about the event, visit

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About Pigmental Studios

Founded on the principles of curated innovation and boundless creativity, Pigmental Studios is an emerging giant force in animation and family entertainment. With a growing list of diverse and engaging projects in development and production, Pigmental’s purchase of “Serendipity” heralds their expansion into family-focused literature to integrate into the company’s media divisions, a testament to their dedication of delivering compelling content across multiple platforms. Form more information about Pigmental Studios, visit



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